My complaint is about a Private Landlord

If your complaint concerns the actions or responsibilities of a private landlord, you can:

Complain to a landlord professional body: The main professional body for private landlords is the National Residential Landlords Association. Landlord members are required to adhere to their code of practice.

Accreditation Schemes: Local councils, colleges and Landlords Associations run accreditation schemes that set minimum requirements for your landlord to comply with. If you think your landlord isn’t complying with scheme, you can refer your complaint to the scheme operator for arbitration. Details on these can be found from the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK).

Guidance: The Government has produced a How to Rent guide for England, which includes some useful tips for both landlords and tenants.

Wales: If you live in Wales, you can contact Rent Smart Wales for further advice.

Scotland: Your landlord may be a member of Landlord Accreditation Scotland.

Northern Ireland: Local councils can consider problems with your landlord.