Helping you complain to the property agent


Mistakes do happen and it is only fair to allow the property agent time to put things right.

All TPO property agents must operate a complaints procedure and deal with your complaint within 8 weeks.



Write to the property agent, setting out your complaint clearly


The property agent should acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days


The property agent must investigate your complaint fully and write to you within 15 working days


If you are not happy, write back and explain why. The property agent will review your complaint again and write to you explaining their final viewpoint and how, if you are not satisfied, you can escalate your complaint to us.


If you need help writing to the property agent, a complaint letter template is available via the helpful links box on this page.


  • Ask the property agent for a copy of their complaints process before you complain or look on their website for this. All TPO members must have one, and are required to send it to you when you ask.
  • Clearly explain your complaints when you write to the property agent. If you have more than one, number the complaints. The clearer you are in your explanation the more likely you are to receive a clear response from the property agent.
  • Explain how you would like them to put things right.
  • Follow up any verbal conversations with an email to the property agent, confirming who you spoke to, what was discussed and when the conversation happened. You may need to refer to this at a later date, so keep a copy where you can find it.
  • Send any letters by recorded delivery or set a delivery receipt if you email them.
  • Keep written records, including copies of all letters and emails to and from the property agent.